Pictures of Custom Belt Buckles
B-29 Superfortress Buckle
Fire Department Buckle
Anacortes Brass Buckle Custom
Volunteer Fire Buckle
Army Corps of Engineers buckle
Conservation Officer Buckle
Bayliner Buckle
Bechtel Buckle
Bechtel Manhours Buckle
Bechtel Washington Group Buckle
Custom Belt Buckle Big Dog Rebar
Boise Cascade Buckle
Home Builder Plaque
CB&I Buckle
CB&I Egypt Buckle
Custom CB&I Namibia Buckle
Central Arkansas Water Buckle
Custer Archers Buckle
Central Washington Incident Management Buckle
Archery Buckle
ExxonMobil Offshore Buckle
Federal Interagency Communication Buckle
Fluor Daniel Buckle
Forest Service Buckle
Fort Carson Buckle
Foss Maritime Buckle
Foster Wheeler Buckle
Gilbert Buckle
Goldfield Nevada Centennial Buckle
Intel buckle
J.D. Heiskell Trucking Buckle
Jeep Buckle
John Deere buckle
Key Safety Services Buckle
Kimberly-Clark Buckle
National Training Center Custom Military Buckle
Marine Xpress buckle
Maytag Collectors Club Buckle
McCarthy Buckle
Custom Fire Dept Belt Buckle
Country Music Buckle
Minera Alumbrera Buckle
Herrenknecht USA Buckle
Paramount Petroleum Buckle
PKS Kiewit Belt Buckle
PKS Belt Buckle
Rudolph and Sletten Buckle
San Francisco ZBike Messenger Belt Buckle
Skagit Speedway Buckle
Custom Construction Buckle
TIC Buckle
Holcim Cement Plant Buckle
University of Florida Buckle
Vibroplex Ham Radio Belt Buckle
LaConner Classic Plaque
Washington Group Buckle
Washington Group Buckle
Willamette Carpenter Training Center Journeyman Buckle
Westjet Buckle
World Pillow Fighting Championship Buckle
Boeing 747 Buckle
Boeing 767 Buckle
Boeing 777 Buckle
Fluor Alaska Buckle
Leica Geosystems Belt Buckle
American Association of Woodturniers Buckle
Black Widow Spider MC Buckle
Blind Justice Buckle
Ford Construction Belt Buckle
Custom Transwest Mining Systems Buckle
Transwest Mining Equipment Buckle
Anacortes, WA Antique Engine Brass Belt Buckle
anglogold Buckle
Alaska Fur and Leather Buckle
BC Floatplane Association Buckle
Hayburner Society Buckle
Carolina Mountain Woodturners Custom Belt Buckle
Fire Buckle
Order of the Antelope Buckle
Lease Crutcher Lewis Belt Buckle
American Motorcycle Club Brass Belt Buckle
Holwerda Huizinga Co. Buckle
Electric Buckle
Hookers MC Buckle
JEA Buckle
Eaglehorse OPFOR Infantry Buckle
Trinity Industries Belt Buckle
Temple-Inland Buckle
B-17 Flying Fortress Belt Buckle
Canadian Helicopters Belt Buckle
CB&I Nigeria buckle
CB7I Solid Brass Buckle
Jebel Ali Warehouse Buckle
CB&I Sudan Buckle
CB&I Belt Buckle
CB&I Logo Buckle
Foster Wheeler Project Buckle
Griffiths Pile Driving Buckle
Skagit County Fire Buckle
Pacific Northwest Lineman's Rodeo buckle
Colorado Gaming Buckle
Sergeants MC Belt Buckle
Second Brigade MC Belt Buckle
Port of Oakland Solid Brass Buckle
Ozaukee Guzzlers MC Buckle
Lynden Air Cargo Buckle
Duke Fluor Buckle
Wilderness Construction Buckle
NJ Transit Buckle
Ranch Brand Buckle
WAPA Maslonka Buckle
Ohio Central Railroad Belt Buckle
Pipkin Construction Buckle
Painter's Lodge Belt Buckle
Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club Buckle
North American Construction Group Belt Buckle
Insurance Medallion
Clark Public Utilites Paperweight
ExxonMobil Medallion
Santa Ynez Unit Medallion
Umatilla Medallion
B-29 Superfortress 20th US Air Force Buckle
Custom Fire Department Belt Buckles
Anacortes Special Event Belt Buckles
Army Corps of Engineers belt buckles
Volunteer Fire Department 
Custom Conservation Officer Buckle
Boat Builders Belt Buckles - Bayliner
Bechtel - AT&T Belt Buckle 
Bechtel Overseas Belt Buckle
Bechtel - Washington Group Belt Buckle
Big Dog Rebar Belt Buckle
Boise Cascade Building Materials Buckle
Home Builders Buckles and Plaques
Chicago Bridge & Iron Belt Buckle
CB&I Brass Belt Buckle
Safe Driver Belt Buckle - Awards
Custom made CB&I Belt Buckle
Archery Club Belt Buckles
Wild Fire Incident Managment Buckles
Archery Belt Buckles & Awards
Automobile, Car , Truck Club Belt Buckles
Construction Company Belt Buckles
ExxonMobil Belt Buckle
Federal Government Agencies Belt Buckles
Fluor Daniel Brass Belt Buckle
Forest Service Officers Belt Buckles
Custom Military Belt Buckles
Foss Maritime Red Dog Project Belt Buckle
Foster Wheeler Belt Buckle
Gilbert Southern Belt Buckle
Centennial - Anniversary Commemoratives
Customized Construction Safety Incentives
Custom Trucking Belt Buckles
Jeep Employee Awards Belt Buckle - Rare
John Deere Engine Works Belt Buckle
Key Safety Services Belt Buckles
Kimberly-Clark Belt Buckle Safe Years
 Custom Military Training Belt Buckles
Custom Trucking Company Belt Buckles
Custom Collector Club Belt Buckles
McCarthy Injury Free Belt Buckle Award
Retired Fire Department Belt Buckle
Country Music Singer  - Band Belt Buckle
Customized Mining Belt Buckle
Obayashi, Johnsons Bros., Herrenknecht 
Paramount Petroleum Corporation 
Peter Kiewit & Sons Belt Buckle
PKS Belt Buckle
Rudolph and Sletten Belt Buckles
San Francisco Bike Messenger Buckle
Sprint Car Racing Belt Buckles
Custom Construction Belt Buckle
TIC Powered by People Belt Buckle
Holcim Accident Free Award
Forest Resources & Conservation Buckles
Ham Radio Belt Buckles
LaConner Classic Boat Show Yacht Plaques
Washington Group Accident Free
Washington Group Belt Buckles
Construction Journeyman Training Award
Westjet Airline 737 Belt Buckle
World Pillow Fighting Championship
Boeing 747 Skills Rodeo Champion  Buckle
Boeing 767 Structures Rodeo Champion  Buckle
Boeing 777  Rodeo Championship  Buckle
Fluor Alaska Inc. Belt Buckle
Washington Demilitarization Company
Leica Geosystems Belt Buckle
American Association of Woodturners
Black Widow Spider Motorcycle Club MC
Blind Justice MC Belt Buckle
Transwest Mining Systems Inc. Buckle
Ford Construction Company Buckles
Mining Equipment Belt Buckles
Anacortes Event Brass Belt Buckles Plaques
AngloGold Corp Mining Belt Buckles
JEA OCIP Safety Recognition Buckle
Alaska Fur & Leather Motorcycle Buckle
B.C. Floatplane Association Bush Pilot Buckles
Western Horse Club Belt Buckles
Holwerda Huizinga Co. Contractor Buckle
Harris Electrical Contractor Belt Buckle
Hookiers Motorcycle Club Buckle
Military Eaglehorse OPFOR Infantry Buckle
JEA Northside Repowering Project Buckle
Trinity Industries Safety Award
Bomb Group Reunion Belt Buckle 
B-17 Flying Fortress
Temple-Inland SWL Lumber Belt Buckle
Canadian Helicopters Ltd. Belt Buckle
CB&I Eastern Anstalt, Mobil, Daewoo Buckle
Customized CB&I Nigeria Belt Buckle
 CB&I Jebel Ali Warehouse Dubai Buckle
CB&I Safety First Belt Buckle
CB&I Provo Plant Belt Buckle
CB&I  Safety Quality ISO 9001 Buckle
Foster Wheeler Singapore Buckle
Skagit County Fire District Belt Buckle
Griffiths Pile Driving Inc. Belt Buckle
Lineman's Rodeo Belt Buckles
Gaming Investigations Enforcement Officers
Sergeants Motorcycle Club Belt Buckle
Ozaukee Guzzlers MC Belt Buckle
Second Brigade MC Belt Buckle
Vietnam Veterans
Port of Oakland Commemorative Buckle
Lynden Air Cargo C-130 Airplane Buckle
Duke Fluor Belt Buckle
Construction & Roofing Belt Buckle
Western Texas Ranch Brand Belt Buckle
New Jersey Transit  Light Rail Buckle
Maslonka Electric Belt Buckle
B.C. Canada Lodge Belt Buckle
Ohio Central Railroad Belt Buckle Plaques
Pipkin Construction Heavy Equipment Buckle
Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club Belt Buckles
North American Construction Group Buckles
Alabama Hunter Education Instructor Belt Buckle
Custom Military Belt Buckles
Alabama Hunter Education Instructor Buckle
Alder Construction Belt Buckle
Alder Construction Belt Buckle
American Tug Buckle
American Tug Belt Buckle
Chevron Divecon Belt Buckle
Chevron Divecon Safety Award Belt Buckle
Cook Inlet Pipe Line Buckle
Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company Alaska Buckle
Cooper River Bridge Project Buckle
Cooper River Bridge Project Belt Buckles
Pittsburg Obayashi Herrenknecht buckle
Herrenknecht  Obayashi Trumbull Buckle
NOV Hydra Rig Buckle
NOV Hydra Rig Belt Buckle
WA DOT Buckle
WSDOT Belt Buckle
Aero Aviation Belt Buckle
AERO Aviation Belt Buckle
Construction belt Buckle
ALDER Construction Belt Buckle
American Buckle
American Tug Belt Buckle
Brycon Buckle
BRYCON Heavy Industrial Contractor Buckle
Archery Belt Buckle
Custer Archers Belt Buckle
Henry Repeating Firearms Buckle
Henry Repeating Fire Arms Belt Buckle
Herrenknecht USA Buckle
Herrenknecht USA CSO Constructors Buckle
Infinistar Belt Buckle
Infinistar Belt Buckle
Maine Buckle
Main Antique Power Assn. Belt Buckle
Iron Legion Nomads MC Buckle
Ohmstede Belt Buckle
Ohmstede 100 Years of Excellence Buckle
Iron Legion Nomads MC Belt Buckle
Oklahoma Quarter Horse Plaque
Sealaska Buckle
Sealaska Corporation Belt Buckle
Tall Ships Plaque
Tesoro Hawaii Belt Buckle
TESORO Hawaii Belt Buckle
Metropolitan museum of Art Paperweight
Bow Hunters Buckle
Tradition Bowhunters of  British Columbia
Universal Belt Buckle
Universal Corrosion Specialist Belt Buckle
UTAH State Fireman's Association Buckle
Utah State Firemen's Association Belt Buckle
Willamette Carpenter Training Center Buckle
WCTC Belt Buckle
West Shore Pipe Line Buckle
West Shore Pipe Line Company Belt Buckle
Dog Breeders Belt Buckle
ExxonMobil Buckle
Karate Karaoke Belt Buckle
Tennessee Custom Brass Belt Buckle
Pile Drivers Buckle
Rokies Express Pipeline Belt Buckle
Saints Motorycycle Club Belt Buckle
Smokey the Bear Buckle
Steel Horse Riders Motorcycle Club MC Buckle
162nd EOD Buckle
230th Regiment Belt Buckle
 1-17 Crusader Belt Buckle
Desperados Belt Buckle
1-17 Horsemen Buckle
OPFOR Infantry Buckle
RedCatchers Air Cavalry Squadron Belt Buckle
1-17 Crossed Sabers Buckle
Brave Rifles Custom Brass Belt Buckles
Bluetick Breeders of America Buckle
ExxonMobile Northeast Fleet Trucking
Karate Karaoke Belt Buckle
Mid-Tennesse Zinc Mine Belt Buckle
Pile Drivers Divers Local 2404 Buckle
Carolina Mountain Woodturners Buckle
Rockies Express Pipeline Buckle
Saints MC Alabama Belt Buckle
Order of the Antelope Buckle
Lease Crutcher Lewis Buckle
Fire Mountain Department Buckle
American Brotherhood MC Belt Buckle
Smokey the Bear Belt Buckle
Steelhorse Riders MC Buckle
162nd EOD Company Buckle
230th Regiment A Troop Buckle
1-17th Air Cav Crusader Buckle
Desperados Belt Buckle
Horsemen Belt Buckle
Eaglehorse OPFOR Infantry Buckle
4-6 Redcatchers Air Cavalry Squadron
3-3 Thunder Brave Rifles Belt Buckle
TF Saber 1-17th Belt Buckle
Plaques, Paperweights Medallions
Tall Ships s Plaque
Metropolitan Museum of Art  Paperweight
Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association Plaque
Clark County Public Utilities Paperweight
ExxonMobil - Las Flores Canyon - Santa Ynez Unit -  Medallions
1-17 Bootleg Troop Buckle
Bootleg Troop Buckle 1/17 Cavalry
Consummers Energy Belt Buckle
Consumers Energy Belt Buckle
Grand Canyon National Park buckle
Grand Canyon National Park Trail Crew Buckle
PKS Solid Brass Buckle
PKS - Kiewit Belt Buckle
TACERA Belt Buckle
PKS Kiewit California Belt Buckle
PKS - Devil's Slide Tunnels Project Buckle
Bear Cav Belt Buckle
BEAR CAV - Belt Buckle
Warhorse Troop buckle
Warhorse Troop 1/17 Buckle
Sticky Fingers Rib House Belt Buckle
Sticky Fingers RibHouse Buckle
BP Cherry Point Refinery Buckle
BP Cherry Point Refinery
Clean Diesel Project
Joint Task Force Paladin Belt Buckle
Joint Task Force Paladin - Afghanistan
Granite Construction Belt Buckle
Archer Western Contractors
Granite Construction
Wolfpack Belt Buckle
Wolfpack - Navy Divers Buckle
Walla Walla County Fire Buckle
Walla Walla Fire District Belt Buckle
Molochs MC Buckle
Motorcycle Club Brass Belt Buckle
Underwood Family Farms Belt Buckle
Underwood Family Farms Brass Buckle
Forestry and Fire Buckle
Blackfeet Nation Forestry & Fire Buckle
US Forest Service Buckle
US Forest Service Belt Buckle
Dustoff Search & Rescue Buckle
Dustoff Search & Rescue
1-17 OEF Buckle
1st Squadron 17th Cavalry Buckle
Steel Horses Motorcycle Club NY Buckle
Steel Horses MC Buckle
Screamin Peach Buckle
Widows Sons MC Buckle
Screamin Peach Buckle
Masonic Riders Association Buckle
U.S. Army Air Cav Brass Buckle
6/17 Air Cav Crazy Horse Buckle
Golden Peanut Company Belt Buckle
Golden Peanut Company Buckle
Gun Belt Buckle
Gun Broker Belt Buckle
Lynden Tank Co - Trucking Buckle
Northwest Brass Works
Phone # 1 (360) 202-1035
Custom Belt Buckles - Made in the USA!
Northwest Brass Works manufactures custom brass belt buckles. All of the buckles we make are sand-cast, solid brass, and hand made in the USA. Every belt buckle comes with a Lifetime Guarantee of Quality Craftsmanship.

"Our custom buckles can take the punishment of everyday wear."

We are dedicated to making the highest quality solid brass belt buckles available in America today. Our specialized services include the custom design and casting of buckles using antique sand casting methods.

From exceptional artwork design to detailed pattern work, from smooth sand castings to high quality bronze, from superior craftsmanship to excellent customer service you won't find a better quality buckle made.
Construction Company Buckles
National Parks Belt Buckle