Classic Buckles

by Northwest Brass Works

Northwest Brass Works manufactures all the "Classic Buckles" in our foundry. All of the buckles we make are sand-cast, solid brass, and hand made in the USA. Every belt buckle comes with a Lifetime Guarantee of Quality Craftsmanship.


"Our custom buckles can take the punishment of everyday wear."


We are dedicated to making the highest quality solid brass belt buckles available in America today. From exceptional artwork design to detailed pattern work, from smooth sand castings to high quality bronze, from superior craftsmanship to excellent customer service you won't find a better quality buckle made. When you receive your classic buckle in hand, you will notice the brilliant shine, see the fine detail of a smooth sand cast piece, admire the quality craftsmanship and feel the weight of a solid brass buckle that will stand the test of time.


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If you are looking for custom designed belt buckles please visit www.northwestbrassworks.com. You will find information, prices and ideas that maybe helpful in designing your edition of custom brass belt buckles. We have made belt buckles for individuals, small companies to large corporations, fire and police departments, motorcycle and car clubs, hunting and fishing clubs, and many business that want their logo on a buckle. These buckles are the same quality as the ones in our store but designed to your specifications. Our custom prices are reasonable and the time frame is usually about 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish. If you want to see the quality in hand we suggest you purchase one of our buckes here or contact us for more information. Thank you for your interest in our custom brass belt buckles.