The Process
How these buckles are made.

We are dedicated to making the highest quality solid brass belt buckles available in America. 


An antique foundry press is used to compress specially formulated smooth sand around the patterns. Great attention to detail is taken at this point in the process.


Our traditional brass is melted in a furnace then hand poured into the top of the sand molds. After cooling each sprue of buckles is broken out sand blasted then inspected for quality.We select only the best buckle castings.


A skilled craftsman polishes each buckle using a variety of techniques. This is a skill that takes years to perfect.


When the buckle is finished it is strength tested and inspected for quality.

Keeping the Shine! Caring for your belt buckle is very easy. Many people like the color of the  natural patina that the buckle will turn over time. While others may like to keep that polished lustre that it has.


We recommend an occasional cleaning using a specially treated cotton wading called Nev-R-Dul available at most hardware stores. It cleans the polished areas of the buckle without leaving a residue on the recessed areas of the buckle. With a patina or polish, either way you will be able to enjoy your belt buckle for years to come.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our trademark is cast into the back of every casting that Northwest Brass Works makes. It is a mark of authenticity and a guarantee of quality. Each belt buckle is certified to be sand-cast, solid brass and handmade in the United States of America.


If the hardware on the backside of the buckle ever breaks just send it to us and it will be fixed or replaced at no charge.  All you have to pay for is round trip shipping.

Made in the USA!